My storybooks are bespoke and unique for each wedding. I design each book myself, so your storybook will be individual to you. I want you to have a beautiful book to treasure and keep your memories alive.

There are a variety of beautiful covers, pages and styles available, of varying sizes and finishes.

My storybook prices start from £220 for a 30cm x20cm, 10 page (20 sides), hardback book. A selection of 50-60 of your images will usually fit nicely into a book of this size. This will of course vary depending on how many 'one' image to a page etc. you may wish to have.

My platinum wedding package includes a storybook of 30cm x20cm, with 20 pages (40 sides), having a choice of covers including metallic, silk, leatherette, and transparent. If purchased separately this storybook would cost £355. If purchased as part of the platinum package you would save £50. A book of this size would hold approximately 100-130 images.

You can of course upgrade after your wedding to the beautiful crystal glaze cover, or to some of the other covers including, leather (many varieties), or cowhide, or to a larger book, and/or more pages.

There are options to have wording engraved or embossed onto the cover and you could also have a special verse from your wedding, or your wedding details included somewhere in your book.

The parent and guest books make a nice addition. These come in packs of four with each of size 13cm x 10cm, or as a pack of two of a size 20cm x 15cm. Starting prices are £100 for a pack. There is a choice of hardback or dust jacket, and they are a replica of the main book.

You can have as much, or as little input into your book design as you wish.

You may like a particular frame or a softened edge to your images, or you may like a variety of different styles. I have plenty of examples to show you.

You may wish to have a favourite picture completely filling a page, or even filling two pages (such as a big guest, group photo).

Once ready, you will be rquired to check that you are happy with the design, and I will make any changes required. It is only when you are completely happy that it will go for print.

Quality Traditional Albums are also available.