I have always loved being around babies and children (I have 5 beautiful grandchildren of my own), but never did I think that I would have such a rewarding job (if you can call such a pleasurable occupation, - a job!). I have listed 5 things that I find particularly rewarding during a newborn photoshoot.

1. I just love capturing those adorable, amusing faces that newborns make when they are in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) active sleep. They are so cute and I wonder what they may be dreaming.


2. Choosing the lovely drapes and wraps, and complimenting with hats, headbands, rompers, dresses, to add to babies beautiful skin and hair tones is special. I am in my element when I can use         my creativity this way.


3. Watching baby drifting in and out of sleep patterns, and seeing mum and dad looking lovingly at their little bundle, as I settle baby to sleep.


4. Cuddles, I get to cuddle every precious newborn, what can be better than that!

5. Sharing a little bit of this new baby time with mum and dad (and to capture in a photograph is such a joy to me).

   Talking with them about their experiences, birth stories and the first days of their new life with their newborn is just lovely.


Paul and Becci had their pre-wedding photoshoot at Whitworth Park in Darley Dale, Matlock. As you can see from a selection of their photos, it was very relaxed and I attained some very natural photos, one of which they used as their 'signature print' on their wedding day.
















I love a pre-wedding photoshoot. It is a fantastic way to get to know you and your personalities a little before your special day.

You could say it is a trial run.

Many 'bride and grooms-to-be' don't know what style of photography they like and I find that many when asked, say 'natural' (capturing the moment). I agree these can make for some of the most stunning images, but semi-posed photos can also look and feel very natural.

For example, I may position you both and then ask you to look out across a lake, then at each other, then at a tree across my shoulder, then back at each other etc. This will allow you to shuffle about a little and get comfortable, often bringing about a few laughs, and I get those natural photos.



These images can be very sensual and meaningful and it is easier to smile naturally when your feeling relaxed and not expected to smile constantly at the camera.



Walking together hand in hand whilst chatting and laughing can make for beautiful images, even with backs to me.



I have had so many bride and groom say how pleased they were that they had a pre-wedding photoshoot. It allayed any fears of photography for their wedding day, and they realised that being photographed was not as daunting as originally thought.

Seeing the images from the pre-wedding photoshoot before your wedding day, reinforces the information discussed, and hopefully the images will show how natural and relaxed yourselves as 'bride and groom-to-be' are portrayed.



You may like to have some photos that are very posed and dramatic and again, your pre-wedding photoshoot enables you to put this into practise.



Choose somewhere for your photoshoot that is meaningful to you, or somewhere that you like. It may be parkland, gardens, ruins, a farm, or one of the Derbyshire edges. Have a look on my website pre-wedding photoshoot, information page, for some suggestions.

Of course receiving approximately 20 images on a DVD and being able to choose your favourite as a 'signature print' is a very nice memento to have after your photoshoot.



I hope you enjoy your photoshoot as much as I will.

If it rains on your wedding day please don’t worry. It is meant to be lucky and sometimes you might even catch a photo with a rainbow. Even where it has rained all day, I have not yet photographed a wedding day where we have not been able to go outside for a few photos. I have 5 large ivory bridal umbrellas and there is always a groomsman who is happy to hold an umbrella over myself and my cameras (I’m not worried myself about getting wet, but I do have to keep the cameras dry).

A little bit of advice, should rain be forecast (or snow!), is to bring some extra footwear, so that you can still walk on the wet ground. Bridal dress hoisted up and walking or standing under an umbrella, can make for a lovely photo.

 I bring thick plastic sheeting, for brides to stand on so that the dress can be put down. This allows for some lovely bride and groom photos in the rain, or where the ground is wet. This is of course, if you’re happy to have photos in the rain. If you prefer to stay inside that is absolutely fine also, I will use extra lighting for the group photos and often the bride and groom photos (often studio lights).